CosmakePad is extremely

slim - thickness only around

1mm at the center,

able to fold & twist at any

angle to fit your needs.


CosmakePad works at 360° perfectly

on your face, can blend any liquid base makeup, like BB cream, CC cushion, foundation,

concealer, highlighter, moisturizer, etc.

NO need to use sponge-type tools or your

finger anymore!


Reduces almost 40% of daily

usage of makeup & save money for

other items on your wish list.


CosmakePad is

100% non-absorbent,

there is no room for bacteria

or fungus to build up.


Saving space in your makeup bag -

you can put CosmakePad into powder box, lipstick box or any place you want.


Environmental friendly

RoHS - compliant

& can last 4 times longer

than sponge-type tools

(subject to proper use).


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